GIVE CYT to a Student

One gift, twice the impact

We believe all children should have access to arts education. Last year CYT Dallas gave away $1000 in scholarships to students so that they could be part of our CYT family. This year CYT Dallas is raising $6,000 for our scholarship fund to Give CYT to 30 students! To accomplish this goal, we need your help! 

The kickoff for this campaign will begin on #GivingTuesday, which is a movement to create an international day of giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season. Are you ready for the best news ever? Thanks to the generosity of some faithful matching donors, the gift you give to CYT Dallas this #GivingTuesday will count double. Double the money, double the impact, double the number of students in CYT.

Since we started CYT in Dallas three years ago, the program has been transforming the lives of local children, adults, and our community, with wholesome programs and entertainment that bring families together. Would you help us GIVE CYT to a Student this #GivingTuesday?

What are people saying about the Impact of CYT?

"Without CYT I wouldn't be the person I am today."

"CYT has not only given my family an outlet to be together and have fun together, but it has also made our relationship stronger and we have been truly blessed by CYT over the years."

"Any person, from any age, with any sort of background, is accepted in CYT and there is a feeling of love and compassion the minute you walk through the door."

39 Donors

$6,000.00 Raised


Goal: $6,000.00

Recent Activity:

Date / Time Amount Name(s) Message
11/14/18 @ 7:45pm $20.00 Princess Pink
11/24/18 @ 6:28am $5.00 Anonymous
11/26/18 @ 1:35pm $500.00 Anonymous
We don’t have the words to express what CYT Dallas has meant to our family. What better way to say “thank you” than to give that opportunity to others. Thank you CYT Dallas!
11/26/18 @ 2:21pm $30.00 Anonymous
11/26/18 @ 2:54pm $500.00 Anonymous
What better gift to give than the gift of CYT. Excited to see more kids experience CYT with these scholarships.
11/26/18 @ 3:43pm $100.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 7:23am $25.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 8:09am $50.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 8:50am $20.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 9:36am $25.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 9:54am $75.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 10:03am $50.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 10:34am $25.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 1:51pm $50.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 2:00pm $50.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 3:00pm $75.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 3:37pm $75.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 3:40pm $250.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 4:33pm $25.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 4:46pm $50.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 5:20pm $100.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 6:33pm $25.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 7:21pm $25.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 7:53pm $50.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 8:06pm $100.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 8:08pm $100.00 Anonymous
Proud to equip kids with opportunities not restricted by money.
11/27/18 @ 10:27pm $30.00 Anonymous
11/27/18 @ 10:33pm $50.00 Deedra Lindsey Scherm
Thanks for all the great work you are doing in Dallas!!!!!
11/27/18 @ 10:49pm $100.00 Anonymous
We are helping people find their character. We are building a community. We are bringing families together. We are changing lives. We are giving students opportunities. We are CYT.
11/30/18 @ 9:46am $10.00 Anonymous
What a blessing CYT Dallas is to their community! Way to go Tyler and Kate!
12/11/18 @ 1:13pm $100.00 Anonymous
12/19/18 @ 8:43pm $100.00 Anonymous
12/20/18 @ 9:22am $2,500.00 Nancy and Andrew Morlini
We believe in the principals of CYT and that it feels a critical need in our community. No family should be turned away from this experience. It takes a village to raise up a child who will be kind and brave. CYT children a place to be loved for who they are and challenged to continue to grow to the fullest of God's potential.
12/21/18 @ 5:59am $60.00 Carol A. Jones
We are SO CLOSE!!!!! Help us support giving CYT to thirty students in 2019! Everything done through CYT Dallas is done with excellence and professionalism. You will not find a team and board that love CYT - the students, the staff, or the purpose more than Dallas CYT. Help us share the gift that is CYT!
12/21/18 @ 7:05am $20.00 Angela Cheek
12/27/18 @ 2:58pm $65.00 Anonymous
12/31/18 @ 11:17am $15.00 Anonymous
Let's DO THIS!!!!