Creating Lasting Impact

SET THE STAGE is a three-year pledge initiative that underwrites two critical areas of CYT Dallas: Artistic Programs and Facilities. The initiative begins in 2024 and supports CYT Dallas through 2026. The funds from this initiative will help CYT Dallas continue providing scholarships to the underserved, keep program costs down for all families, and assist with underwriting the cost of CYT Dallas finally moving into a space of our own.

It's time to Set the Stage

CYT Dallas is thrilled to announce our new headquarters, where we'll be positioned to continue SETTING THE STAGE for countless life-changing moments within our walls. Our deepest gratitude goes out to everyone who has contributed to this monumental achievement in our history. While we're excited, we recognize that our journey has only just begun.

Now that we've settled into our new space, a wealth of work is ahead. Here's how you can join us in SETTING THE STAGE:
  1. Three-Year Pledge: Make a commitment to support CYT Dallas for the next three years. Your sustained generosity provides stability and enables us to plan for long-term success.
  2. Spread the Word: Help amplify the SET THE STAGE initiative within your network. By encouraging others to join this movement, you're empowering aspiring young artists to realize their dreams.
  3. Matching Gifts: Discover if your employer offers a matching gift program. Your impact could be doubled, doubling the difference you make in our community!
  4. Make a One-Time Donation: Choose from a range of contribution options:
    • $55: Purchases 1 Chair for our audience
    • $125: Purchases1 Round Banquet Table
    • $250: SPurchases1 TV for a Classroom
    • $500: Purchases 1 Digital Microphone Body Pack
    • $1,000: Purchases1 Set of Dance Mirrors
    • $2,500: Purchases 1 Security System
    • $6,000: Purchases 1 Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver
Together, let's continue to SET THE STAGE for countless transformative experiences and shape the future of our vibrant artistic community.

Christian Youth Theater is a community that champions and advocates for youth discovering their identity in Christ.

Our Vision

Since our inception in the Summer of 2016, we have focused on one primary goal: setting the stage for the next generation. We have focused on being the hands and feet of Jesus to nearly one thousand students. 

Over the past five years, CYT Dallas has seen an average increase of 25% in enrollment every fall, winter, spring, and summer session. We are grateful for the rise in enrollment, and we've taken this as a sign that young people long for our arts-and-God-focused community.

Many of you have been on the journey with us as we endeavor to acquire our own space. This complicated process has been in the works for two years. We are committed to finding a home for our community and will spare no effort in achieving this goal. We will combine a portion of the funds designated for this initiative with the funds already pledged for the CYT Studio.

Our purpose and calling are deeper than theatre. We exist for the next generation. We are looking for advocates to join us in this calling.
CYT Dallas is a fully Tax Deductible 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation (Employee Identification Number: 47-5433430). The full amount of your contribution is deductible for federal income tax purposes.