Fall Registration Opens July 15th

At CYT Dallas, we believe that education and training are the cornerstones of every successful performing artist. Our comprehensive programs, including Trimester Classes and Studio Classes, provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to excel in drama, voice, dance, and technical theater. Through intentional classes and personalized attention, we ensure each student receives the guidance and support needed to grow and thrive. Our commitment to high-quality education prepares students not only for the stage but also for a lifelong appreciation of the performing arts. Join us and build a strong foundation for your artistic journey!

Trimester Classes

Trimester Classes serve as the entry point for students interested in the performing arts. Held in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, these classes offer structured instruction in various aspects of theater, providing a strong foundation. Each session culminates in a high-energy showcase to demonstrate the skills acquired to family, friends, and fellow students.

Studio Classes

Studio Classes offer an immersive and intensive training experience tailored to meet the needs of serious performers. Scheduled from August to May, these classes provide a structured environment for students seeking to elevate their skills and grow in the community.

I cannot even begin to describe the impact that CYT has had on my life. There I was, welcomed with open arms, despite all of the flaws I thought made me so undesirable.

Alexandra Gandy, CYT Student

Trimester Classes

Our Trimester Classes offer an engaging and flexible learning experience for students every Fall, Winter, and Spring. These 8-week sessions provide a comprehensive overview of acting, singing, and dancing, ensuring a broad base of knowledge in the performing arts. Each trimester concludes with an exciting showcase, where students can demonstrate their newfound skills to family and friends.

For those interested in participating in our CYT Broadway-style musicals, enrollment in a class within the corresponding session (Fall, Winter, Spring) is required. With smaller class sizes and shorter commitments compared to our Studio Classes, Trimester Classes offer a lower-pressure environment, perfect for those seeking to explore their artistic talents. 

Introducing Studio Classes

Our Studio Classes offer an intensive, in-depth training experience from August through May. Spanning 8 months, these classes are designed for students committed to deepening their knowledge and honing their skills in specialized areas such as Tap, Music Theory, and more. Unlike our Trimester Classes, Studio Classes do not conclude with a showcase; parents are invited to view class progress during a dedicated preview night.

Students enroll in a Studio class for the entire season, and participation in a Studio Class meets the class requirement for involvement in a CYT production for the entire season. This longer and larger commitment fosters a high-intensity environment where students can thrive and excel. Join our Studio Classes to immerse yourself in focused, high-quality training and take your performing arts skills to the next level.

Have Questions?

Don't worry, we have answers! Just follow the link below to read through our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also send an email to contactus@cytdallas.org  and we will get back to you promptly!

Inquiring about scholarships?

CYT is pleased to offer financial assistance to families who would otherwise not be able to participate in our programs.  Click below for our scholarship application.  

The Class I Want is Full!

Our CYT classes can fill up quickly and we want to make sure you're on the waiting list for the class you want. Students will be added to a class in the order in which the class waiting list form is filled out.
We highly suggest signing up for your second class choice class while you remain on the waiting list.
You will only be notified if you are being moved off of the waiting list and into the class. Please submit a form for each student wanting to be added to the waiting list.

CYT’s Triple Threat

Each class will be infused with character development and arts training for each student. Our goal is that every student leaves our classes feeling more confident in who they were created to be as well as their performing arts skills. CYT is recognized for excellence in theater arts training. Our uniqueness, however, goes beyond our programming and instead lies in our dedication to CYT’s Character, Culture, and Craft. These three elements comprise CYT’s Triple Threat.

CYT Character

CYT believes in building character on and off the stage, and that character is rooted in CHRISTIAN values such as love, joy, peace, kindness, perseverance, and dedication. Every instruction is rooted in these values.

CYT Culture

CYT’s culture is one of inclusiveness. We welcome all and remain committed to providing a vibrant and fun atmosphere with our focus on YOUTH. With this commitment comes a promise of providing family-friendly productions that are appropriate for young audiences.

CYT Craft

CYT is committed to providing excellent training in our THEATER craft by staying informed of National VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) standards. CYT hires qualified Teaching Artists and Artistic Teams who consistently elevate our students’ knowledge of theater arts.